• Speakers

    Val Efram

    Professor of Literature

    George Mason University

    Topic: Dostoyevsky's ethical framework in the 21st century

    Lorne Michaels

    Professor of Linguistics

    University of Arizona

    Topic: Monosyllabic and multi-syllabic language division

    Abraham Johnston

    Executive Director

    Education Research Association

    Topic: Continuing cultural education in the workforce

  • Schedule


    9/14: 3pm-6pm

    Day 1: Welcome meeting for all attendees


    9/15: 9am-6pm

    Day 2: Workshops & master classes


    9/16: 9am-6pm

    Day 3: Lectures & panel discussion

  • Time & Place

    Los Angeles Convention Center

    1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA


    9/14/2018 - 9/16/2018

  • A funny conversation between two friends for 2 min

    How do I start a conversation with a girl? Girls are complicated, and if you have a little nervous insecurity, then it is enough to worry about the boy. And when you talk about talking to girls, you do not know, it's usually not a simple move.

    No matter who you are, because everyone on the planet is in an unknown state or does not know how to talk to a girl.

    You see a beautiful girl and want to start chatting, but you're upset to do something.

    Do not worry, here are some issues to help communicate with the girl you do not know and are at the top!

    To begin the transformation with the girl
    A score - look at your face
    Look around the room or do not look bad on his chest! If you are tempted to look at her body, she thinks you're a big shock. Stay in touch with real eyes and make sure all the eyes are on his face.

    Two points - Start with a smile and say hello
    If you are worried about talking to a girl that you do not know, then the smile is like thousand words. And if you can just say "hello", then you do not have to hold your tongue.

    She talks to her that you want to join a conversation - magical

    Three times - close the skate pants!
    You have nothing serious to lose from here, so do not let your brain be mad and everyone will become infected and negative. Well if it does not like you If you think about it, then really is really profit.

    Give it a question and pretend to leave. While you are a scooter in a bathroom, you might ask for it or you can see other things.

    There is nothing to worry about the bottom line.

    Four issues - make sure you're at the top of your hygiene agenda
    It is going out when girls are meeting and good hygiene is an arrangement. No smell! And if you have dirty dresses and your hair is easy, chances are good - the UK! This girl does not want to live near you - UK!

    Let your face wash, comb your hair, leave it on the deodorant and colon, clean your teeth, etc. You know exercise and if not, I strongly suggest that you will go back to primary school.

    Pointer Five - Chill Pill Take
    The nerve is always the best for us, and if you are in control of a new girl and want to show who she is, then it is essential.

    Focus on things here

    Slow down your conversation which is natural and not a judge. Show that you trust your skin, even if you are not.

    This is where you want to work, where exercise is not good, but will make you better.

    Pointer Sick - Focus on contact when you are busy with conversion
    It's a tough front, but the more you become, the easier it becomes and the more natural. When a boy honors him, girls love him and everything else is not around him. Contact of the eye suspects out of the mouth.

    Make it natural, warm and inviting and you work well.

    Pointing - According to Cosmopolitan, you study the work in social conversions
    This means that you have an opportunity to talk about what's really going on. There may be weather or something that has happened in the news. Whatever you are doing, make sure you talk to an open trust and ask what it feels like.

    Every girl wants to know - all those boys who thinks only about themselves.

    Start conversations and gradually learn how to throw questions in your court. Do you want to hear what he says?

    Eight - Pointer with Float
    It's cheaper to cut in any way. A girl does not want to listen to the boy, how beautiful he is, it is okay with a jumps. Yes, a girl likes to admire, but she always wanted for other reasons except her big breast or curved bend.

    Hope guys will understand!

    Here you have to take an ox with a horn and it will ensure that you do not keep it too fat. Please, please

    Pointer nine - the girls should be clean
    It's a VIP that you're very optimistic about. You want to carry your positive energy and play with it.

    Do not use hate words and make sure you check your negative feelings on the door. If you hate something, you can say, "I try to avoid it."